leave me alone
2006-07-06 @ 11:50P

So for some reason everyone wants to critisize me now. There are only three people I speak to who don't. &it really hurts me, I don't think anyone realizes it but I certainly don't have the guts to tell them how it makes me feel. If I want your opinion I'll ask it, but what I'm getting are lies to either make me feel good or bad as the count rolls on. &now it seems I don't even need to ask for an opinion to get it. I care a lot about what people think of me &it's getting to the point where it's shaping who I am &how I'm changing. Even those who know me well don't seem to understand just how emotionally sensitive I am. &because they don't it makes me afraid to show my real feelings. I wish I could be perfect for everyone to like me. Being nice isn't enough. &sure enough, just when I start to feel a little happy again everyone has to come crashing down on my self esteem.

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