who knew
2006-06-30 @ 3:06P

It's raining outside again so I broke out a sharpie &doodled for an hour until my mother woke up &said it was time to clean. I was more than ready. I've worked for four hours but it felt morelike one to me. I didn't discover anything that I never knew I had &I didn't have difficulty with the purging process. The simple fact that we're cleaning &disposing says a lot about how ready we are to move. The house is looking pretty spotless. I am one step closer to being who &where I want. &that overtakes any other responsibilities in my mind. I'm making an appointment to work on my image for monday. &if that works out well I'll go in to have my hair chopped off later that week. &I love my hair yes, it's healthy &it's the colour I've been wanting it to be but I just need a change from the same old thing.
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