good morning sunshine
2006-06-13 @ 6:45P

People have been asking me about my pheny smiles outside &my amazing change to sadness everywhere else.
&they all wonder why I think I've got it so bad with the philosophy I'm living. So I'm just gunna clear this up...
Everyday I visualize for sometimes as much as 1hr 30mins a day. Most of the time it's as soon as I get home from school or right before I fall asleep. I have two notebooks I fill with photos, goals, plans, & affirmations. I look through & add to each of them everyday. On my MP3 when I'm not listening to music I put on various types of hypnosis for background sound to remind me of my goals. &yes I have been getting what I desire. I've only been doing this for a short while - which would explain my still depressing entries on here but the goals I've achieved aren't large, or important enough for me to list on this diary. When I receive something big diaryland will be the first to know.

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