love will find a way
2006-06-13 @ 11:35P

my great grandfather passed away June 12, 2006. At 83 years of age. &my great aunt sat beside him, holding his hand as his breath became slower.
until it stopped.
As soon as I heard the news I ran into my room: laughed, smiled, & cried tears of joy. that I found something.
That's the real way

I want to die.

With someone who cares for me by my side until the very end.
&something surprised me last night more than ever: for once I fell asleep happy, & not crying. I didn't wake up with red &swollen eyes & I didn't feel like I had anything to coverup or hide.
Now that I read this entry over I feel like one of the most disgusting people to have ever lived. But I found a reason in something everyone seems to be mourning lately.

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