The Lady is a Vamp
2006-06-11 @ 10:34P

I stand up too straight, my head is held too high, my strides are longer & slower than yours. My facial expressions are angrier, my hair is longer. My nails were too long, & now they're too black. My eyeliner is heavier & thicker than yours & I wear more sex bracelets than you've ever seen. My tattoos are cooler & a lot more meaningful than yours. All of my piercings are in places you can't see & your's aren't. I only write with a black pen while you always choose blue. My guitar, hairstyle, & stereo are all more hardcore than you'll ever believe. I've bled more times than you can count & I can't even fuckin' feel it anymore baby.
I deserve to be broken in half, over & over again. I deserve to die the most long, painful, &gory death ever to happen in recorded history. I need to be tortured: burned, shocked, cut, ctabbed, ripped open, &broken. I should be raped, shaved, &brainwashed. I need to be hung by a noose made out of my own hair &exposed naked in front of the world. I deserve to have people scream insults at me &spit in my face. My body should be ruined. Love is going to be what kills me, isn't it
...but most importantly, my diaryland entries are more gruesome, &morbid than anything you could imagine.

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