never give up on the good times
2006-06-03 @ 11:43P

So first thing this morning I sign online &3 more people have already added me. Of course all guys but when I recognized one name I wondered why this person had added me.
His name's Anthony &he's now officially kitty's exboyfriend, sadly. &everytime her &I talk it's always about the men in our lives so I already knew a bit about this guy but I never thought I'd pity him so much. At first I didn't think there would be any good reason for me to talk to my friend's boyfriend so I never thought to add him. But it's nice to talk to someone new &different &who can tell me what my former best friend has been doing since she left my life. Most of all though, it was just nice to talk to someone who didn't know too much about me &who could help me learn to cope with the rapid loss of so many loved ones in my life.
Ant's a nice guy, &he's got burned, but he's nothing like me. I doubt we'll have many more chats. &that doesn't bother me in the slightest.

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