nobody knows
2006-06-01 @ 10:36P

Everyone is probably wondering about my weird phase lately. I was cleaning with someone last week &found some of my first CDs I'd completely forgotten about, that included:
Shania Twain
sugar jones
Avril Lavigne
&Spice Girls
I spent about an hour going through each CD. to my surprise I could still remember every word. I decided to keep these not only for the fact that you probably won't be able to buy CDs soon, but because they each represent a piece, or chapter in my life. Not to mention the fact that they only amount to about $2.00each had I taken them to some used store, which isn't worth it. Looking back I really got the value out of these. What did surprise me was how this lef to me downloading songs from these same artists that I didn't have. It was nice to look at my life so far as a CD collection. &it really isn't that difficult to believe I'll be graduating one year from now, well hopefully that is. If I'm lucky our grad class will be around 90 students but probably won't either way it makes our class all the more special. Eleventh grade has been the hardest of high school for me yet, in every aspect. But I would rather concentrate on the future instead of the bad times right now. Everybody is saying how easy it is to be an adult instead of a teen &I'm ready to get past the difficult stage.
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