2006-05-27 @ 6:35P

Friday night was fun, regardless of the fact that I didn't get everything I wanted, I still made it okay. &everyone who went was glad that they did, &that made it even more memorable. I regret that I hadn't loosened up this much a little while ago. But I've learned my lesson &will try &be more outgoing, ambitious, happy, &thoughtful from this June on. I had a great time, but I'm glad the year is coming to a close &that it's almost over. I want a peaceful, drama free summer &the best senior year I can hope for. Grading every class doesn't worry me anymore. We can all drink &dance the night away as friends &have no worries about the days to come.
When I finally got home I wandered about trying to put laundry away but my knees were too tired from all the dancing &walking that took place during the night. &reluctantly, I passed out into bed. When I awoke sometime during the night [I assume it was two or 3 but can't remember] I realized that all the lights were still on &so were my clothes. I made a note to remember not to drink so fast next time. So after trying to call seth about 3 times in a row &concluded that he wasn't going to answer his phone [&I should just forget about all the bad things that happened] I fell asleep. He wasn't going to listen to me cry anyway.
The first thing I did this morning was ate four chocolate bars. My throat has been burning since I can remember last night &I'm reading for bed again...

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