Plastic Stars
2006-05-25 @ 4:31P

Kathleen is downstairs making me supper, which is surprising since she never cooks even for herself. I'm over what I saw yesterday with Jeff. Things happen &he's moved on, I'm just happy that he's happy. Sure I was a little jealous at first but I guess he just never really was the most important person to me.
Dad went in for another interview although he already has a job that he's due to start on in the coming weeks. However, I'm not so sure he's quite so content with that yet. It'll still be about another hour before he returns home, as it's a three hour long interview.
My day at school was ruined because of everyone around me. I sat back &let all of their moods effect me regardless of what I know is wrong. But I don't care now, tomorrow is the day I've been waited for since two weeks ago. &then school is nearly over &I won't have to think about any of the people that I don't want to think about until September. I'm excited for that. &tomorrow night should be a blast. Regardless.

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