2006-05-16 @ 10:34P

I hadn't realized it until now but lately I've been very down & the way I'm thinking of myself totally goes against my philosophy of life. At times I feel like there's no better person out there than me - & others I act like the worst person to ever walk on this earth would act. & I think: it's no wonder I can't seem to find someone to love me. I'm not even sure if I love myself.
I was thinking about a discussion & I noticed that I only spend about an hour of my day doing what I want from Monday to Friday. & as anxious as I had been to get a job this summer, I don't want to have to lose or sacrifice that hour for a little extra spending money (that I wouldn't even be spending anyway) I want to do something I enjoy & I don't care how long it takes me to find that.

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