Imperfect Girl
2006-04-19 @ 5:52P

I made a checklist yesterday for pretty much everything I'll need for graduation next year & ectera junk for the rest of this year. I had already roughly priced everything out & it all adds up to a little over one thousand dollars, not including my uni tuition or any trips & car/driver expenses that might arise. So yeah the sooner we move, the better because I need to start saving.
Anyways here's the list of my marks so far::
functions & relations = 54%
visual arts = 85%
english = 70%
child studies = 79%
family living = 90%
This brings my average to a little over 75%. & these marks really piss me off because of course I fail the only class I need to pass for uni. English is of course mandatory but with it going up since last semester I'm not so worried anymore.
Speaking on worrying I've been quite sad lately & that's not helping me reach my goal any faster. Just saying affirmations or visualizing isn't going to help much on its own. But I become so wrapped up in what could happen & I begin to worry if what will go on just thinking that I might not accomplish what I desire to. That's dangerous & actually puts me farther away from it. So I'm going to try & be happier. Even if it's just pretending to be happy. To start with that, I'm going to start writing more positive entries & then hopefully I'll get what I want & won't have to fake it 'til I make it anymore. It's been 23 days & nights & my estimate is 31. I don't see it coming any closer so it's time I start working harder.

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