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2006-04-11 @ 6:01P

Today was the day of "JOBFEST 2006". It was basically a bunch of students from various schools across the place getting put in the same spot to learn a little about jobs. It started off alright - it was kind of funny seeing everyone dressed up (mostly because we didn't recognize each other).

So the first events were boring but I managed to make them fun by talking with eddie about opening a sweet shop. We were organized into groups & for about 15 minutes - asked to describe what our ideal work environment would be. The couple sitting beside eddie & I said they wanted free sandwiches. So that's kind of how we got off on a tangent about free sweets & sweetie sandwiches. They all laughed about it though. By the time that was over it was noon - we ate hard, nasty pizza with dressing coated salad & dessert of I don't know what. Then we had "mock interviews" which lasted too long. & jeopardy about jobs in between.

Finally to finish off there was an award 'ceremony' [or so they called it) Everyone was waiting to see who would win the most anticipated prizes = the iPods. But the awards came & passed & none were given or received. There were two grand prize winners which the prize was a $100 gift certificate for future shop. Everyone else got a bookbag or keychain, & water bottle. at least they gave out some things but i wouldve rather spent my day in class so i could get some actual work done. the positive kids all look at it like 'at least i got out of class' not me, i need those free periods to get work done. work that i cant finish because i have other obligations. so even though it was completely & utterly lame & uneducational - I still had a little fun for about an hour & a half of the day. &that made today worth staying alive for... except now i'm behind on work & it really needs to get done! so in the end, a little fun lead to a lot of stress. wasnt worth it.

When I got home & for once had no homework i talked to dad about our moving situation. this is huge, we never talk about anything so yeah. i think it will be good for me to have a change. too many bad memories here now ¬ enough good ones. anyways I respect my parents decision because i have to but i do hope it will be good. they are looking out for me i think now... maybe? i want my family to be happy, more than i need me to be happy. i havent been happy, except for fleeting moments, in months. i know I wouldn't want to work where he does. hope so we can move ASAP.
Another death in the family is expected soon too. Why does everything seem to come in 3s? [you're right amy]

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