2006-04-06 @ 9:52 p.m.

I wish life was just like the internet. How you can type whatever you want to find & millions of resources come up. Right now I wish I could just type love into my life search & find someone who'll love me. It's immediate, there's no waiting, no suffering, no pain involved. But I can remember a part of me that actually had believed that life was like that. I still think the universe has an endless supply of everything we will ever need-but I have a different view somehow. I hate how I can look at couples who once seemed like they were made for each other & think instead, now, that they won't last-because I didn't. & my boyfriends have probably said the same things to me as to anyone else. That's the problem: they don't want love because they aren't ready to make a commitment, but they'd love to have a tight cunt anytime. I wish guys got attached after sex, instead of girls.
My life is starting to frighten me, I want you to be so much more than a memory.

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