Heaven Tonight
2006-01-24 @ 9:39 p.m.

So much has been going on & I haven't had time to post any of it until now & I'm still cut kind of short...but I have exams this week & this is kind of a waste of an entry but whatever I guess everyone has those days. Lots has changed & I really don't have time to update much of it onto here right now but I should very soon, hopefully within the next month because the last couple have really killed me emotionally. I'm still kind of suffering & I know nobody can really see it but everyone knows it's there & I wish I didn't have to hide so much from everyone but it's not like there are any people I can talk to that I can trust with this. Even one of my best friends who I thought I could trust with my life wouldn't shut up about my personal life I thought was private to all of her friends & even her mother's friends. I feel so betrayed by everyone & I don't even feel like I can express myself in any possible way anymore. I thought so much about transferring & just completely leaving this life altogether that I have no clue who I even am anymore. I've lost so much at once & comparing it to other things doesn't help. Everything has ruined me & I seriously feel like hell. Except without the parts of destroying people as I walk by. I wish I was as invisible as everyone makes me feel. & I've talked so much about myself in this entry that even my diary makes me feel terrible about everything now. I don't know what to do.


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