One Love [[is all you need]]
2005-11-22 @ 9:00 p.m.

Those of you who visit this site as often as I update will notice the layout change. About time I suppose, the last one must have set a record. Anyways, here's how my life is going & what I'm feeling right now::

School life is bad. I felt like crying in almost every class today. I couldn't understand what I was supposed to be learning & having to endure so much sarcastic criticism from teachers in one day is getting to be extremely tiresome for me. Home life is not much better. As soon as I get home people are pounding me with things they need to say or get done & I just want to get away from them all. In exchange for doing that I basically get spat on & once again critisized because I didn't do this or that. I don't have a friends life right now because of the way my other 2 separate lives are working out. (I should say colliding...) I hope things really start to balance out soon, & fast because I don't know how much else I'm going to be able to take before I totally abolish my entire life. Not even music nor chocolate can seem to saitsfy my need for relaxation. There only seems to be 1, ONE person who is grateful for me to be in their life. Who to me is the world & I feel is the only person who's with me no matter what. But even then I second guess this person sometimes... (& no it's not me) I'm really sick of having to do that now.

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