2005-11-19 @ 8:40 p.m.

Not that I am one who has ever liked shopping or anything, but it gets especially worse on Saturdays as we near the Christmas season. Now I've learned my lesson before, but it seems I have forgotten how to keep my stress level down when you go to a store and it's jam packed full of people. (not to mention the fact that the majority of people here are not lets just say...obviously anorexic) Not only is the navigating through the store difficult, but also the problem of actually having to deal with these people. It's funny, how this time of year is supposed to be so magical & people are supposed to be so much more kind to each other during the season, but it seems as though we have forgotten about that completely & before you know it old ladies are being pushed out of the way by people who want to buy the latest toy of the year for their child. Everyone knows how disgusting this is. Everyone cares, just not at the exact moment you do it. Wow, it's almost like a natural high. just kidding
I try not to worry too much about the gifts I'm giving, but the main thing I think about is if the person will be re-gifting my present a year or so later. One thing I really hate about the way people shop this time of year is they're all likely completely paranoid if a person will like their gift or not. This annoys me because when I'm shopping for a present for someone I like to be able to hear myself think. & also because their large bodice is taking up so much of the aisle it's difficult to breathe. Just take the present, pay for it, & get the fuck out of the store already!
Anyway, for now I guess that's my view on shopping at the moment.
I was really hungry, hehe.
*Welcome to Burger King can I take your order please*
***uhh yeah can I get a Big Mac?***
*Um, I'm sorry we don't sell Big Macs here, this is Burger King.*
***Well can you just make me a Big Mac I'm really hungry***
*There's a McDonalds down the street.*
***No, that's too far.***
*Well what would you like to order?*
***Can I have a Jared combo?***
***What do you guys sell anyway?***
***Um okay I'll have that then.***
*We have a ticket for you here, come back in 15 minutes and it'll be ready.Would you like an apple pie with that?*

Good times yes good times.

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