Sleeping Through the Rain
2005-11-13 @ 10:10 p.m.

My life has gone extremely downhill since the whole summer issue & now it's the school dilema. I actually never pictured school to be this difficult. My rules at home have changed & I'm so tired from school & homework that I can hardly stay awake past 9:15P. I miss the tenth grade...
So it's finally November, almost December--almost 1 year for my latest relationship. I wonder if anyone even knows enough about me to care that my life is pretty much hell for me right now. I mean yeah it's been way worse- but when you have nobody that'll be there for you it's hell for sure. Even at the worst point in my life- I always had somebody I could talk to- & now I'm not so sure that I have anyone. Because I sure as hell can't depend on myself. If I wrote in here what I did everyday exactly I wonder if those who read this would care. I mean if I told the truth about everything... they probably would not. What if they stopped reading? Would I then only have myself to comfort? I hate feeling the pressure of having to please everyone.

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