Crystal Voices
2005-11-16 @ 8:03 p.m.

I have noticed lately how easily I can get angry at someone. But it's usually for a good reason. I feel like everyone is against me. Even my own family. I can't even talk to my own dog if I wanted to! I hate it. People who don't even know me, people who I have hardly spoken a full sentence to are judging me. Yes I realize people form opinions of each other extremely quickly but that gives nobody any right to go around spreading shit. Humans bother me so much I could just kill myself. I feel as if I really am at the breaking point & each day I become less fond of the people I used to look forward to spending time with. Everyone is insulting me & they have no idea how hard I am struggling. They like to pretend they care, but there's truly only one person that cares- & that's me. I'm sick of the way people treat me but it's not like I can do anything about it really. I mean I've already tried to be nice & I've tried to go out of my way for others but nobody remembers me or even cares when they realize they forgot. I find myself getting a lump in my throat more often every night, & I'm thinking about not even hiding the blades anymore. Everyone says I'm too hard on myself but they never give me a reason why not to be. I can't understand why people must be so ignorant & careless of each other. For example today, I had an argument with someone & I listened to everything they had to say about they're point of view. But when I go on to support my side & my beliefs I am disrespected & drowned out by the voice of someone else. Someone else who doesn't care. Nobody ever listens to what I have to say because I'm automatically wrong. Just because it's me. I never thought I could feel so worthless in my entire life. Thanks "family" & "friends". As clear as it is of what you think of me today remember this because I consider it true: I have nobody to support me but myself. No family, no friends, no jerk on the street, nobody.

Emotionally torture me.

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