A Letter To someone like you
2005-10-07 @ 9:51 p.m.

Today was somewhat enlightening and somewhat, well not. I found it rather surprising what my English teacher thinks of writing, stories, etc. As I was sitting there listening; he was saying how anyone could create something beautiful and its an amazing thing that we all have this ability. It kind of shocked me at the time because this was the first positive thing Id heard all day. & this was the last class of the day. I wondered then; what I would have been thinking if I wasnt listening to him. Probably something completely negative, as usual; around the lines of how bad my day had been & what the bus ride home would be like etc etc. & for once today, I was actually grateful that I had been paying attention. Because things like that are what makes my day Fine was opposed to Drastic and Terrible. Anyway, that's just a thought I had.
You can probably tell my days lately haven't all been so good just by that paragraph. & I'd rather not get into detail, but I'm the kind of person that particularily likes to avoid confrontations. I hate getting into serious arguments, & try my best to avoid them. Lately, it would seem as though I've been punishing myself to do that. & when I look back now, I realize how much I've changed. But I've always done that a lot.

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