can i get into your skin?
2005-07-12 @ 11:57 p.m.

I was rather disappointed in myself for telling you no so many times, in so many different ways. All I want, is to wake up in your arms every morning. With your head resting on the same pillow as mine & your warm breath rushing over me. I want nothing more than to be able to look in your eyes every day. Iím completed when weíre together itís like Iím missing something when youíre gone. All I want, is for you to wrap your arms around my tight & let me fall asleep there.
After tonight I know that I can have fun doing pretty much anything with you. But I canít help being a little disappointed in the end. You didnít hold me. You never hold me anymore & I want you to desperately. That makes me so happy I cannot put it into words alone. I get the idea that we, you & I, belong together, forever. Forever & always, for eternity.

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