Smile, for me
2005-06-20 @ 9:55 p.m.

When the shirt came off, it was all in time
When a m-m-m-minute turned into a mile
And then I broke that grin, and I cut it out
And you got all turned on by the taste of your sin
When I mention blue, all you thought was color
When you mention drugs, all I thought was sober
When your pants came off and I turned you over
When you mention blue

Kill, smile, cut it out for me this time
This is not a smile, haven't seen him smile in a little while

Keep the mask aligned
Get it up in time
There's a space between valleys
and try and catch a vibe
Make a circle square, a rectangle curve
Use a smile as a noun and I think like a verb
Run quick switch sides
Spill the filled up canister
And the room is shaking
Now you're changing places,
and I switched my pace,
and my breathing races when you mention blue
The Used

And I break my promise...It's only a slight moment until the thoughts change as quickly as the opinions. I felt weak and couldn't take it. Why did I have to develop? Why couldn't I remain numb?
It's different when you're on the inside and they are not.
Cut it out of me

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