2005-03-10 @ 11:26 p.m.

The truth is so much better to hear from someone you want to believe. And it's easier to tell than trying to keep track of lies.
I really cannot stand it when I push people away. I have to lie and make something up to get rid of them (or more often to cover someones butt) And I'm not that kind of person but as humans, we all love to do the things we are good at. If what I'm getting at is clear.
Can't you see what I'm losing?
Don't you care that I'm dieing?
Will you remember the times that we laughed, and we helped out eachother. Then when you were in pain I gave you the remedy. Won't you see I'm breaking?
and crumbling?
Feelings decaying, and memories extracting to my bitter state of mind. Cancel the last goodbye. I want this
I want that
I want the
I want you
I want an
I want a I want A I want a
I want a
I want a
I ... WANT ... A

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