2005-02-19 @ 9:09 p.m.

Maybe things would be better if I say nothing at all. Especially during those times when you all told me that you didn't care about my opinion. Maybe it would be better if I had interferred when I knew what was going on was wrong. Certain times I cannnot keep the rage in me. Then, those times, you see how secure I am with myself. Other moments, my mood is off, but when you ask me what's wrong I'm likely to tell you "nothing". Yes I'm a liar. But you would never notice anyway, because you don't care about my well being-just your own. And that's likely how you'll be for the rest of your lifetime. I know this because I see it everyday. And repitition is memorization to me.
You can't seem to understand how much I want to work this out. ((again that goes back to you not noticing)) This is becoming a disaster. I don't know what else I can do that you will allow. I'm trying, what else is there for me to do? Since I seem to be the only one who actually wants to help and make this all better. Meanwhile, what are you doing? Ignoring my attempts while you sit there and bloody complain about how hard your life is. We all have problems. Get over it. I've told you how to get rid of them, yet you refuse to listen.
Your loss.

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