Hold Me Down
2005-01-27 @ 6:50 p.m.

This life will be the death of me & it's taken it's toll. I need a holiday and go back to the old life. The break couldn't have come at a better time. And it is time for me to break away. I cannot stand some of the things I need to do everyday. And it drives me up the wall because they can get whatever it is they want complaining. To me that is like a harsh slap in the face. I can sit there suck it up, shut up, and do it. But yet they get it easier if they whine and complain like babies until they get their way. I hate how people play favourites and constantly give special treatment. It sickens me to see it everyday. And if I'm not seeing it, I'm hearing it. There is no escape.
Talk about feeling trapt in pretty much everthing I do and everywhere I go. I make all the decisions and yet I don't. Because if my life were like that all the time-I would be a very unhappy person. I only have one breakthrough, One Getaway. In which this Sunday I'm about to drown.

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