You Know What?
2005-01-08 @ 3:08 p.m.

I could sit for hours writing about you make me feel. I could, really. But I'd rather be there and feel that than explain it and only want to feel it. I'm sure you'd understand. That's why I can appreciate you so much. And all them too, who know, for understanding and being completely supportive. Truthfully, I cannot thank anyone enough. But I can try...
Thank you to the one who first stood by me when I was lost. And thank you for still standing by me-I know for certain we'll be friends forever now.
Thank you to the one who have her honest opinion and modestly. You made me find things I never would have noticed.
Thank you to the one who watched and stepped aside, gracefully. (jk btw) I underestimated you.
Thank you to the one who proved me right, and was there for me all the way even if he hasn't even met me yet.
Thank you to the one who has meant the difference between life & death to me. I hope you're reading this right now man-you know I still owe you one.
And thank you to the one guy that I wrote this entry for-endings can be great. Never forget it.

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