And as I step out of the limelight...
2004-11-14 @ 9:54 p.m.

I feel like I'm being discarded from the group. You see, people underestimate me. People are naive,they think they know my past, when really, they have no idea what pain I've had to endure. People talk life I need to have everything explained to me, I don't. You could take one look at me everyday and judge me differently every time. I'm the type of person you need to be around, to talk to in order for you to really know me. A lot of the people I've met in these past few months, who I consider friends, I don't think really know me quite yet. It's funny how I can be so unpredictable, that's the only time when they don't take me for granted. I'm left behind because of who I am, and the way I am. They all forget about me. Except you. (yes this is what im getting at) I'm always on your mind. Thank you for remembering what I told you and all the things that I said.

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