In Your Head?
2004-11-08 @ 4:39 p.m.

Prove to me that you cherish me. Trust me. Forgive me. Love me? No, I'm not asking you to do anything so drastic. I'm only asking you to inform me. I'm lost, you see. And I cannot find my way back gracefully, safely, until you tell me how. If I must however, take matters into my own hands, I will. And it will be a disturbing sight. Not only for those around us, but you as well. I'm the only one that will enjoy it. That is, if it comes to that. I've given you a chance. And every moment, every eternity that goes by, is added onto the chance I have given you. I will not surrender to you. I can tell you would never expect anything so brutal and digusting from me, but you will receive it. That is, if my time wasted on you expires. And believe me, the clock is ticking. Soon it will be your end of hope, end of love, end of time. After this, the rest is silence. Nonexistence.

I hope you pray today. If I truely make you as happy as you've worked it up to be, you won't need it. Tell me the truth. Because I don't know it, and I'm sinking in the sand again. It's either You, Me, or both of us together. Those around us seek no pleasure in our relations. I need to know, what's in your mind.

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