Seems like Just another Day
2004-09-21 @ 4:30 p.m.

A friend of mine failed the schoolyear last year. So, obviously we're in different classes. And, here we go, there's this girl that wants to be everybodys friend, yet she only wants to when none of her other "friends" are around.

I, for one, absolutely despise people like this, therefore, this girl will know as little about me as there is possible. Provided that my friend doesn't go on a little rant.

So basically, nobody likes this girl. Won't high school just be a blast for her?

And this girl apparently tried to start some sort of fight with my friend, but it "wasn't intentional". This is the kind of girl I would love to torture. These pathetic "misunderstood" morons that are pushy, thirsty bitches. And, lucky her, one step across my line and she will never know the sun again.

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