2004-09-20 @ 8:33 p.m.

Like taking photos from a camera.
Writing in this diary isn't always something I look forward to. Even though it probably should be one of the highlights of my week, it is not. Some days I find myself hiking through your forest of archieves to create an entry in my own diary. There is always something you do not want to do.

Like never meeting people you'd want to.
Some people call it irony. You can create your world of virtual friends and live in it for all they care. Reality is nonexistent.

Like watching images on a screen.
Time stops when I enter my room. The same thing happends when you enter my room. Whether it be the vibes you get when the door closes, or perhaps it only the fact that the batteries ran down in my clock.

Blogging is about how a person views life. Not what they do in their life. Not how they do the things in their life. Not why they do the things in their life. Not who they do these things with. Not where they do these things that they do. Sometimes, not even the fact that they do things at all. It is the perspective. Not the action.

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