Guess Who's Back?
2004-09-17 @ 4:46 p.m.

Wouldn't you know it Kalen what-was-his-last-name-i-forgot-already won Canadian Idol. And I heard 32million people voted? Yeah right. Isn't that like, the whole country? Pfft, how about half the country watched the show and voted at least twice, that seems more logical to me.

OK, picking up where I left off.
The Day I Moved
I woke up really early, overtired, but I didn't care, I was so excited. I packed a few last minute things and took Mai-Ling and Molly over to the new place, then went back. And took a few fragile things that I didn't really want to have to trust the "movers" with. Went back and waited for them to come,(they were late because of the rain, they had planned to come at 12:00:00NOON but ended up at around 1,maybe later) and left for the new place. There were a man and his wife, two older guys(probably in there 20s)and two younger guys(most likely early teens). Supposedly the man runs the business, the wife is along for the ride, 2 of the guys are their kids, 1 of the kids is the man's nephew and the other he hired. It was quite the hassle trying to direct them as to what goes where. But overall, it took them 4hours. And they got a tip(which they really didn't deserve, well the younger guys did i guess, they didn't do any complaining)

Now, here's when I notice a problem. There's no fridge and stove or washer and dryer. Now, these people know very well where I'm coming from here. The craphole North end, APARTMENT. Now to me, an apartment includes all that shit. I won't believe "it's a duplex" for a second. Your telling me that you're willing to supply "$400" curtains but nothing that I need in order to live? Thanks a lot. So of course, everything turned out OK or else you wouldn't be reading this entry today. Although I did end up living off of TV dinners for a week or so. It was only yesterday when I finally got a washer and dryer. Not to mention my grandmother's piano. All I need now is a big chonkin pair of boots and I'm good to go.

I've been in school for about two weeks now. One of my friends, whom I haven't heard from all summer, hasn't shown up yet. Rumour is that she moved, I mean, what else could it be? So far so good. There are 330 freshmans this year. Pretty bad. Really now, I can tell who they are just by the way they walk the halls. I hope I wasn't that bad. Here's how my schedule goes so far: Maths, Arts, English, Tech, History. And since we have to travel between two schools, it can be a pain in the ass.

TV Analysis
Survivor started last night, I'm not quite sure if I'll be watching THAT at all this year, maybe. I found the All-Stars season really terrible compared to previous years.

The finale of Big Brother 5 is on Tuesday, I believe. I think that this is the best BB yet, sure all my favourites aren't playing the game anymore but it's still worth watching just to see who wins.

The Amazing Race however has been at an ultimate low, it must be setting records. I couldn't even watch the show because of all the fat ass whiners screaming constantly. Americans watching that show must be disgusted at who the Amazing Race has making an impression of them.

^See "Canadian Idol" top of entry^.

As for the WWE Diva Search, CHRISTY KICKS SERIOUS ASS and if I have to witness Carmella take home $250,000 next RAW I will have a fit. All the other Divas hate her, she's a pathetic loser and doesn't do anything in any of the competitions but stand there and laugh as if she's too good for the WWE(but not Playboy?) I hate how she can get all the way to the end by being a skank.

That's all for tonight folks. Luck be with you.

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