2004-08-21 @ 9:39 a.m.

I called up a friend yesterday, to tell her I was moving. To my displeasure, she was very unhappy and tried to convince me NOT to move "away from her". This I found somewhat humorous, she immediately jumps to conclusions without asking any questions whatsoever about the place I'm moving to. For all she knows, I could me moving CLOSER to her. I'm not, but I'm just trying to get the point across. We rarely get together anyway. And when we do, we're going out someplace, usually to get something done.

It's funny because just a few months ago, she begged me to call her more, so we could keep in touch. And I did. But what difference does it make anyway? I have a feeling that we will be MORE likely to go out together MORE often BECAUSE I'm living farther away. I live roughly, twenty minutes from her house. As a walk, that can either be brutal, or a nice stroll.

So when I finally got a word in edgewise to explain the where, when, and why to her, she results to the previous arguement. The case I thought we were over. Disgarding my explaination, as if it weren't consider worthy. When I get quiet until she's done ranting, she finally decides that maybe I'm right, and agrees with me. After this, she gets all excited and starts asking me tons of questions about the place,all because she thought she could walk there. Which I know her, she couldn't, but I didn't say anything and tried to end the conversation nicely.

Until yesterday, she's the only person that has known about the move as far as my friends. Then *friend2* called. At a very unexpected time, but she called, and it still counts. It's funny, the different reactions I can get from so many different people. See, I have a large variety of friends. Who, when they meet, usually don't become friends, which can be a tough situation, usually based on first impressions on their part. When I told *friend2* the first thing she asks is where. Then when she figures out that I'm moving closer to her, the reaction was the same as when I first told her I was moving. She didn't ask anymore questions, but was still happy for me. I'd rather that then make a few new enemies for MOVING, I mean come on, how low can you get?

I received an email from a girl who I thought, wasn't my friend anymore. But she apologized to me (through email) and said she had moved away and didn't know when she was moving back, if indeed she WAS moving back. I don't know if this is true, but she had lied to me and didn't call me at all this summer. So I figured "moving" would be a good excuse.(She left me no way to communicate with her) I replied to her, and still haven't received an email back yet.


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