Another Reflection
2004-08-16 @ 8:05 p.m.

The place I'm moving to has so much character I can't see myself living in it. I mean, the place completely reflects the current tenants. When I move in, the place is going to be so much more bland and un-interesting. Let's start with the living room, for example, two very large windows on the left and south walls. A fireplace in the northeast corner, dark hard wood floors, and velvet blue and magenta flowers on the wallpaper, so not me. Proceeding to the dining room; the same wallpaper and hardwood flooring. With lacey curtains covering a window which views a tree. The stairs; brown carpet covers the runner and riser with white pickets and a red railing. The extra room has navy carpet covering the floors, and navy walls with a white ceiling. The window is covered with white blinds to "match". The spare bedroom; seafoam green hardwood floors, butter coloured walls with a rosey flower border. And the master bedroom, is a larger version of the spare bedroom.

If I had it my way, every room would be entirely different. But I'm no interior designer. And I just know thay would say something like "every room must blend together" and try to get real deep with you. THEY all want to go with "themes" so that everything "compliments" and "co-ordinates" with each other. To me, that's only good for open rooms, but I'm sure THEY think otherwise. Say you're tired of having pink everywhere. But look, now you've got to change everyrom. And I'm sure that's exactly what THEY want. I mean, heck, seafoam green, rose, and butter yellow? What is this a happy sunshine garden land!? That's all fine and dandy on planet sunflower but I can't live with that myself. I'm sure the house has more character than I do.

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