WWE Summerslam 2004
2004-08-16 @ 7:26 p.m.

This would be the first time I ever saw a PayPerView in the theatre. The crowd was a little quiet, but I enjoyed my time thoroughly, as expected.

Let's have a look at the matches, shall we?

Rey Mysterio, Billy Kidman, Paul London VS. The Dudleys: This match was definately fit to be the first. Although I don't watch Smackdown! all that often, I found it to be quite entertaining. Winners:The Dudleys

Kane VS. Matt Hardy: I loved this match. Everything about it was perfectly setup. Just as I had expected. In Kane winning the match, it alligned for probably the most odd storyline, and even though a bit creepy, I'm looking forward as to where this leads. Winner: Kane

Booker T VS. John Cena: I expected NOTHING from this match. And that's EXACTLY what I got. The complete opposite of exciting. Winner: John Cena

Chris Jericho VS. Batista VS. Edge: It was faster than I anticipated, but that only made this match better. I found the crowd was acting somewhat strange during this matchup but that didn't affect the sheer enjoyment I got out of it. Winner: Edge

Diva Dodgeball: I wasn't looking forward to this at all. I think it's a lame excuse to show girls half naked. They "can't" wrestle, so they have to play dodgeball. Thankfully it was nice and quick. Although I certainly didn't expect the wannabe divas to win for a second.

Kurt Angle VS. Eddie Guerrero: This was, for me, a surprisingly boring match. Maybe I expected too much. Winner: I forgot.

Triple H VS. Eugene: Well this is just getting old. And all I can say is thank god it's over. For Eugene, that is. Good commetary by "The King" aka Jerry L.Winner: Triple H

Undertaker VS. JBL: This was my second favourite match during Summerslam last night. I've forgotten just how good of a wrestler Bradshaw was and still is. He's finally getting the attention he deserves. However, I would have enjoyed this match more if Undertaker had actually won. Winner: JBL

Randy Orton VS. Chris Benoit: The best match. The end. No honestly, I think that people will seriously hope for anybody just to beat a member of Evolution. Randy deserves the title. He's earned it. Winner: Randy Orton

As far as my predictions go, I picked seven correct. I screwed up on the Diva Dodgeball & Triple threat match, I am getting better I must say.

If you missed Summerslam, I'm sorry to say that you missed the best WWE PPV this year.

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