To Market, to market
2004-08-16 @ 7:49 p.m.

I've been to the market plenty of times. I never leave with anything, and I hope to never go back again. This time was no different. I absolutely despise the market! I don't care if you painted the ceilings and added new lights. That doesn't change the fact that I still feel sick everytime I enter. At least five different people are doomed to run into me over the course of time in which I'm "shopping". I hate going to the market so much because they never want to look at what I want to look at. For some reason unknown it's like they feel that they're going to have to buy me something, so they always point out the cheaper stuff. Excuse me, but I earn the money I have and spending it is the only reason why I came to this hole with you anyway.

The time goes fast in the market, mostly because you spend more than half of your time navigating through the groups of people. It's stinky. It's hot. It's full of people. I didn't buy anything. Get me out! There's my philsophy for today. But then, I remember how grateful I'm supposed to be. OK here goes; I'm so GLAD I got to go to the market and I REALLY hope to come back someday for utterly no ONE reason at ALL. Some things just don't work out how you'd like them to.

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