Exit Only
2004-08-10 @ 11:01 a.m.

It's official. I'm moving.

And I can barely contain my excitement!

Don't tell me you expected a depressing entry? The city I live in is quite large. And even though it can be a little hectic, I love it here. But moving is going to make me feel like I'm in a totally different place. Aside from location, it's all positive from here on out.

I look at all the negatives, and it doesn't even bother me anymore.

The only good thing about living in here is the location, I'm close to everything and I can get around the city easily enough in the case I don't need to walk. But the North side of town, definately isn't the best. Not living in an apartment building is going to be so much better in every way. And particulairly THIS apartment building. I can afford to live on the rich/classy side of town now. West. North is too full of welfare criminals and morons without respect. Drinkers that hang around outside laughing every night for hours. North is the dirty side of the city, and I don't fit in here anymore, I never really have.

I'm moving to a Duplex. It's so much bigger, and I've totally outgrown this place as far as space wise. When I move, I will have a huge burden lifted off my shoulders. I won't feel like I'm being watched. And when I get that new car I've planned, they won't be able to find me anymore.

Sure the place needs some work, but I'm willing to do a bit of painting. I can afford more curtains and lamps. I just can't stop thinking about what relief I'll have when I move, September First.

No more leaking of water through the roof and damage on my furniture. No more loud sinks that leave a ringing in your ears after you wash your hands. No more wet feet from the leaking fridge when you step into the kitchen. No more thin walls, I won't have to listen to people upstairs pissing in the middle of the night. No more broken closet doors that fall on your guests. No more cat piss smelling carpets. No more blaring sunsets glaring in on your TV in the evening.

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