2004-08-03 @ 4:40 p.m.

I'm so sick of seeing and hearing so many bad reviews for this movie. This movie has been so seriously bashed over the internet on so many sites that I've lost count.

A few simple words: Give it a chance. I noticed the highest ratings given to this movie were from the younger women and older men. The others must be so thickheaded and undeniably stupid that they can't follow the storyline, or just don't like powerful females.

Now I don't mean to mislead you, but this movie is no Spiderman. It doesn't have everything. But when you hear the name "Catwoman" you should know what to expect.

By powerful females^ I mean confident ladies that aren't afraid to strut their stuff and say what they mean. That is Catwoman. Finally, a good movie where the chick kicks butt.

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