Only at the Grocery Store
2004-07-12 @ 6:38 p.m.

So I met up with Kitty just earlier today at the airport, along with Scott, oddly enough. And we basically threw her stuff at her aunt's place and left. To go shopping. Wait it gets worse, at the grocery store. Pretty lame. Nevertheless I'm still going to do an entry on it.

One thing I really noticed while we were shopping was how many times people look in your cart, then they look at you, then take another hard look at whatever it is that's so interesting inside your cart. This tells me two things 1)Your wondering how I eat so much candy and still stay skinny or 2)You're having trouble finding something that I have, and you want it, so you'll try to steal it. Either way, what you tell me doesn't really work in your favor, so you might as well stop looking and be on your way.

The second thing I noticed and found strange is how fast people tend to go through the toiletry aisle. By this I mean people grab their asswipes and go. I stay in the aisle longer for my own enjoyment. Come on, it's not like someone's going to look at your butt and go "Eeep, I better get a different kind today..." I even sing in the aisle. Yeah, don't try to tell me you don't know that Cottonelle song either!

Something I find very rude is how some old lady or somebody nearly smashes you with their cart just to get through the aisle. "Excuse me" does just fine thanks.

Then, when people look at you, then look at what your buying. This is just as bad as studying what's inside your cart and writing it all down. Well, practically. Shopping with Kitty makes it much more fun though. I was about to face the stupid biatch and say "Yeah I'm buying these tampons and I hope you enjoy watching me do just that!" There's the freakin' brand and everything, get some for yourself.

Finally, when you get the groceries on the counter and are waiting for the person before you to pay. Then they pull out their bank card. And practically push themselves into you just so you don't see the number they're typing in! Do I look like I need to steal money from you? I think you look like crap but I don't go pushing you around now do I?

I think I'll add a little more soon enough. Kitty and I are going to catch up with Amy & then hang out with Scott & rent a movie or something.

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