2004-05-26 @ 6:57 p.m.

As the days go by I find myself at a loss of hope, giving it all to others.

6 days left of school now. 7 if you count the last day to fetch report cards. 11 counting exams. 12 counting tomorrow, the day after, next week, exams & the last day.

I have 4 tests this week. 2sciences, apparently it's the 'pre-exam' test. Whatever. That's a lot of studying to do. With 4 tests this week, and exams in a couple weeks. Who knows how many tests & quizzes I'll get next week? Not to mention my research paper that's due Friday of next week.

For something non-school / non-work related; it seems like everybody's moving! Kitty [once best friend] moved in October, which seems so long ago now that I look at it. There I was, planning her stellar birthday party, and she goes and leaves on me! Courtney [best friend after Kitty] leaves[left] in March. Which actually doesn't feel like that much long ago, but with her gone... Then there's Hailey [whom I've lost total & complete contact with] Can't forget Seth [former band mate] we still chat online though, sometimes. And I decided to distance myself from Paul & John since I would only hang around with them because of Courtney. Oh yeah, and then there's Victoria, but she's only moving for the summer...hopefully. So many lost-- yet the additions to the group have been better than the last *cough*Victoria*cough* such as Fayte and Bruce.

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