i think my luck just caught up with me
2003-10-28 @ 4:18 p.m.

Yesterday, ended well. I feel much better now. I went out with: Courtney, Jake & Victoria. Then we met up with Kitty & Chris sometime after we left a restaurant.

I had my hair up. Yes up. It's been down for 4 too many years now. It was fun. No attention was on me, finally. I always seem to end up being the one to entertain and tell the jokes. I'm not the cure for boredom ya know!

We ate a whole cake together. [i sound like such an oinker] And it had purple & white icing /yum.

So anyway, I hope to finish decorating soon, I have some lights to put up today. I still need to get decorations up for the Hallowe'en party anyway. Hopefully people will show up. I guess we should probalbly dress up. But I have no clue what to wear. I was considering a vampire or pirate. But in the end I'll most likely end up with something else. Ah whatever.

Tomorrow finally, is the official, last day of exams for me! Just english left now. Then I get Thursday & Friday off, also Saturday & Sunday. So I get the day of the party, Hallowe'en, & then the weekend.

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