Old Friends
2003-10-08 @ 7:02 p.m.

I ran into an old friend yesterday. I shouldn't really say 'old' yet, it feels so wrong not to. And I felt this weird feeling that I had to be nice.

But I didn't.

Heh. Unfortunately, 2 of my other friends were there and it was quite obvious that they were bored and wanted to get in on the conversation, but, while I was catching up, I took no notice of cutting them off. Or should I say, not letting them get a word in. And I mean a word.

It was still cool though. I knew she wouldn't be going to the same school as me, and I think that she should have seen it coming. But I won't blame it on her. I got to meet her new boyfriend too. Which was a little strange. He's so not the type she would have dated 2 years ago.

She's changed. And so have I. But, it was definately for the better.

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