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2003-10-06 @ 5:00 p.m.

I beat Final Fantasy X. Thursday, actually. I just thought I would post a bit of a review.

When you compare FFX to the past FF games, there is a real change. When Final Fantasy:The Spirits Within came out, it wasn't really as big a hit as expected to be. So Square needed a game to bounce back up on the list. And, thus, FFX delivered.

Anyway, I think it was a really good game, and definately a must-buy. Especially for RPGamers. It's not too hard, and has a massive amount of gameplay hours, so it would definately be worth the money.

I should add on that FFX-2, the sequel to FFX should be released by late 2003, or early 2004. The game seems quite promising. Having somewhat,annoying features such as the sphere grid removed. And adding new things like dress spheres and jobs.

I'm just really excited for it to come out. Heh.

Anyway, now I have a general idea of what to do with this.

[edit/]I deleted a few past entries, this diary will be strictly opinion[edit]

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