First Impressions
2003-09-19 @ 6:10 p.m.

Okay, Cheers to a new beginning.

Being the opinionated little freak that I am, that's all this is for. An area for me to shoot out my opinions to anyone who happens to gaze upon this mess of a diary. So, if your not open-minded, don't gaze any longer.

As I stated above, I need somewhere to vent. I'd like to keep my reputation for being laid-back and calm. And, strange enough, i believe this will help. Even though, i write, draw, play guitar etc...[the list goes on and on] i need this. And I want to start off right this time.

First Impressions mean a lot. It is said that people make their first actual opinion of you, within the first 10 seconds that they meet you. And after that, the opinion is hard to alter. And not everyone is going to like you. Even if you made a good first impression.

So, I choose to start this off with the odd/bad side of myself.

I'm a liar. And damn good at it too. But, anything I lie about, wouldn't matter. Whether I told the truth or not. I lie about stuff that isn't important, and the junk that doesn't effect anyone. I'm addicted to quizzes, and have a strange fascination with blood. I am overly sarcastic. To a bad extent. When people first meet me, they assume that i'm a serious, bitter possibly evil person. I trust nobody. I'm emotional. But not the kind of person that cries in every movie they watch. Nearly, in a disturbing way.

Wow, so there is a good side?!

Hehe. I'm quite optimistic, calm and laid-back. I'm not the type to worry. I have a strong yet strange ability to stare people down. [Yes.I do consider those good qualities]

I try to feel people out, and get their priorities straight. I'm not quick to judge.

And why am I posting this again?

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